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Welcome to Corey Taylor Web! Corey Taylor Web is a fansite devoted to the brilliant musician Corey Taylor. Here at you will find all the latest news, images, videos and information on Corey and his continued career. If you have any questions, concerns or donations please contact me and you will get full credit. Stick with us, look around, and enjoy your stay!
Corey Taylor Web
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Corey Taylor Web was created on February 5, 2018. Being a huge fan of Corey and his work, I wanted to start a website dedicated to him for a long time and that finally happened after some time. According to me Corey is one of the greatest and most talented musicians and his music inspires me. I have been a fan of Corey, Slipknot and Stone Sour for years so I decided to open a fansite about my favorite artist out there.

I’ve never seen a fansite of Corey so I decided to start my own. I worked hard on creating this website and the gallery where you can find tons of pictures of Corey from concerts, appearances and photoshoots. I hope all fans, who visit to like the site because knowing that there are people who support Corey and his work, makes me motivated to continue what I’m doing.